Key note - The ninth decade of life with GI malignancies - Dr. Yakir Rotenberg

Key note - The growing role of SBRT in GI malignancies - Dr. Yaakov Lawrence

Satellite Roche - The role of immunotherapy in HCC  - Dr. Ayala Hubert

Satellite Merck - The immune priming effects of cetuximab - Prof Dan Aderka

What's new in primary colo-rectal cancer - Dr. Einat Shacham Shmueli


What's new in primary colo-rectal cancer - Dr. Ronen Brenner

Debate - is there still room for HIPEC in colon cancer
Pro - Dr. Kathy Shulman

Con - Dr. Sharon Pelles

Satellite Medison - Treatments beyond 5FU in colon and gastric cancer - Dr. Sofia Mann

Satellite Medison - Net tumors, not just the Zebra any more - Dr. Ravit Geva

What's new in gastroesophageal cancer - Dr. Nirit Yarom

What's new in cholagiocarcinoma - Dr. Naama Halpern

What's new in pancreatic cancer - Prof. ldo Wolf

Satellite - Lilly - 2nd line treatment in mGC: What is new?- Latest news and updates - Dr. Ofer Purim

Satellite MSD - Evolving Therapeutic Landscape and Molecular Biomarkers in Gastric Cancer  - Prof. Jaffer Ajani

Major Clinical Dilemmas in GI
Dr. Valeria Seministy

Dr. Moshe Mishaeli

Dr. Ester Tahover 

Dr. Jonathan Cohen


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